About New Canvas Advising

No one should have to tackle organizational change on their own. One bad decision and everything you worked so hard for could come crashing down. That’s why we exist. 

Hannah Thomas and New Canvas Advising bring a disciplined and inquisitive approach to navigating complex challenges and projects. We use our experience and expertise to help organizations assess organizational health, navigate mergers and acquisitions, build entirely new offerings, and much more. 

Why New Canvas Advising?

Most advisors are smart. All of them can solve complex problems. But none of them are like us. Here’s are just a few of the benefits of partnering with us:

  • Unprecedented access that’s impossible at a large firm: When you work with us you’ll have direct access to our founder and CEO, Hannah Thomas, and her more than 25 years of experience designing intuitive solutions for organizations across many industries and verticals.
  • Access to a broad network of experts: We operate on Lean Staffing principles while providing end-to-end advising services. We’ve built a network of subject matter experts that can be added to our team when their specific skill set is needed. 
  • The willingness to ask difficult questions: We believe no solution should be selected until all of the difficult questions have been asked. We use the Socratic Method and a commitment to inquiry to uncover all of the facets of a problem or challenge before deciding on the path forward.
  • Recommendations tailor-made for your organization: Organizational development consultants have a playbook that they make recommendations from. We believe this is a disservice. We’ll develop a customized strategy for tackling your challenge.
  • A proven process grounded in the scientific method: Our process is evidence-based and data driven. We’ll follow the scientific method for any challenge we’re trying to solve. This way of thinking makes it possible for us to pilot new approaches with confidence.
  • Cross-disciplinary expertise grounded in years of experience: We have significant experience in strategic planning, organizational development, and people management. This cross-disciplinary experience has prepared us to work across organizations to encourage sustainable change.

The New Canvas Methodology

The New Canvas Methodology combines the objective and data-driven approach of the Scientific Method with the curious and exploratory approach of the Socratic Method to develop elegant and effective solutions that teams and organizations can rally around.

What Clients Say About Hannah Thomas and New Canvas Advising

“Hannah and Brooke are extremely smart and I have full confidence that they can address any problem someone brings to them.”
—Scott Rogerson

“The one thing that I like most about them is their backgrounds in both finance and HR. This one-two punch won me over because we were dealing with the intersection of both financial issues and HR issues. We needed an advisor who could provide expertise on both.”
—Rob Ellison

“Hannah’s the ultimate professional, she’s incredibly dedicated and that has been proven over and over in our work together. She offers a lot of insights to any project that she takes up.”
—Therese Seldon

“I talked with Hannah for 30 minutes the first day I met her, but I’ve never forgotten that meeting. She immediately demonstrated a significant expertise and a caliber of thinking that’s difficult to find. Not only that, she also came up with a data analytics plan in our short conversation.”
—Amarnath Nagaram Chengal

Ready To Get Started?

The first step in our process is a 30-minute discovery call. During this call we’ll explore the challenges you’re facing and how we might work together to develop a solution. And don’t worry, no preparation is necessary.