Executive Advising

Every leader needs an advisor they can trust. They also need someone who can help them think about their work from different perspectives.

As an outside expert without a stake in your organization’s culture, Hannah can provide that objective ear. She’s also made a career of creating innovative solutions for organizations, so you can trust her to bring new thinking to each challenge. Executive advising is ideal for leaders who are new to an organization, leading a major change initiative, or seeking to grow. We’re eager to partner with any leader seeking to better serve their team and organization.

How Executive Advising Works

One-On-One Advising

Our executive advising services are built to be one-on-one engagements. We believe that the best collaborations are possible when there is a space for openness and self-reflection. Hannah will serve as your sounding board for any issue you want to discuss, whenever it’s needed.

Project Agnostic Scope

You’ll be able to work through any and all the issues you want to discuss with Hannah. Executive advising isn’t tied to a specific project so that you have support in all  aspects of your job.

Openness & Honesty

Through on-call access, the client has space and grace to freely walk through options without fear of reprisal or rebuke. Such open conversations are not always possible with one’s leader and certainly not with a direct report. You may ask Hannah to review an email just prior to a meeting, walk through a presentation, challenge your assumptions, or consider other options. She’s committed to providing the input you need.

Ready To Get Started With Executive Advising?

The first step in our process is a 30-minute discovery call. During this call, we’ll explore the challenges you’re facing and how we might work together to develop a solution. And don’t worry, no preparation is necessary.

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