Organizational Design & Development

Whether you’re planning to launch a new project or initiative, or one has stalled, we can help you manage its complexities from beginning to end. Our experience in projects as diverse as designing medical facilities and systems, standing up rapid response teams, and building out technology centers for a major logistics company have prepared us to provide the strategic, technical, people, and program/project management skills to complete your project successfully on-time and on-budget.

How Organizational Design & Development Works

Tailored Evaluation

Before designing the right solution, an in-depth evaluation is required to ensure the right solution is chosen. We’ll take a deep dive into your people, processes, technology, and finances to understand the capabilities and constraints that you have.

Solution Design

With a solid understanding of your goals, the capabilities of your team and systems, and the constraints of the project, we can develop a solution and project plan that will deliver on your key performance indicators and be achievable with the available resources.

Systems Thinking

Every major organizational change must be backed by a solid system, whether you’re doing something as diverse as designing a new space or launching an entirely new service offering. We’ll use our system development experience to put in place a solution that is reliable, flexible, and sustainable.

People Management

The best systems break if your people aren’t on board. We’ll use our experience in human resources and change management to identify how to best utilize your team and to navigate them through the process.

End-To-End Management

We won’t develop a solution and leave you to implement it. We have years of experience managing complex projects and programs. We can provide end-to-end oversight of your project to ensure it’s completed successfully.

Ready To Get Started With Organizational Design & Development?

The first step in our process is a 30-minute discovery call. During this call, we’ll explore the challenges you’re facing and how we might work together to develop a solution. And don’t worry, no preparation is necessary.

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