Team Analytics

No one should make decisions about how to change or reorganize their teams without a clear understanding of what is currently working and what is broken. 

Just as a sports coach studies players’ videos to analyze how they move as individuals as well as an integrated team to ensure they each maintain optimal physical health today and in the future, we’ll analyze your team. We’ll consider opportunities for improved productivity, employee satisfaction, retention, and other metrics while carefully considering individual team members within the culture.

Our team analytics process will:

    1. Establish an objective way to analyze the performance of your team and identify opportunities for optimization, recalibration, and additions. 
    2. Provide employees with a safe space to share their thoughts and insights on how their team is functioning, their frustrations, and what could be done to improve it.


How Team Analytics Works

Situational Analysis

At the beginning of a team analytics project, we spend time reviewing the current metrics you use to measure the effectiveness of your team, talk with individual team members, and observe to understand the current state of your team.

Metric Development

Once we’ve had the opportunity to understand your goals and how your team currently works, we’ll develop a set of metrics to measure improved productivity, satisfaction, retention, efficiency, collaboration, and more.

Implementation & Opportunity Identification

With your performance metrics identified, we’ll help you implement the necessary data infrastructure to measure performance against the goals and identify opportunities where systemic change in your team’s process will improve overall effectiveness.

Ready To Get Started With Team Analytics?

The first step in our process is a 30-minute discovery call. During this call, we’ll explore the challenges you’re facing and how we might work together to develop a solution. And don’t worry, no preparation is necessary.

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